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The Fallen Patriot
A tribute to "Roger's Rangers"

The Fallen Patriot
The Fallen Patriot

  “The Fallen Patriot” depicts a classic Ranger battle formation. The men in the front row are fanned out and at the ready while covering their downed man. As the commander assesses the situation, he comes to realize that this brave volunteer isn’t coming home today.

   Always in the thick of the battle, the Rangers in the rear reload as they prepare to unleash another lethal volley of lead into the pursuing French and their Native American allies.

     The “Roger’s Rangers” are commonly referred to as America’s first official military unit. Major Robert Rogers wrote the 28 “Rules for the Ranging Service” in 1757 as instruction in the techniques of woods warfare in North America.

     The Rangers pursued, harassed, and killed their French and Indian enemies relentlessly. Ranger reconnaissance missions and many other daring and dangerous exploits deep into enemy territory proved pivotal in the struggle for control of the American colonies.

     Modern American Special Forces such as the Green Beret and the U.S. Army Rangers have adapted Roger’s “Rules for the Ranging Service” for use in today’s modern military.

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