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My name is Brian Spieldenner. I am a native of northwest Ohio. I was born and raised in Fremont and currently reside just outside of Woodville.

Before I earned my degree I did a variety of jobs. I was supervisor, sales manager, marketing director, and primary designer for a wood shop. I did drafting work for a company in Bellevue and I was head of my drafting department at a company in Toledo . I also worked in a variety of factories. At one I assembled circuit boards. At another, steps. At Stroh Container I manufactured beer cans. At TRW I made brake rotors.

I began to see art as a profession while earning an Associate's Degree in Graphics as a 1989 graduate of Terra Community College . I have also done course work in architecture, computer programming, welding, and web design.

After I earned my degree I started my own graphics business in Fremont and freelanced for a bit. I served as lead man for a screen printing shop for about a year.

I was called back to a factory after a ten year layoff. I made brake rotors for TRW Kelsey Hayes for 17 more years as a machine operator and fork lift driver. While enjoying the benefits of a union shop I became an amateur historian and gained 17 yrs. experience as a living history re-enactor. Eventually I combined what I considered my God-given talents as an artist with my passion for early American history and began creating art using historically accurate tools and mediums. I remained at TRW until they closed the plant in June of 2006.

In the fall of 2006 I went back to school to upgrade my graphics degree to include computer graphics and web design. That same summer I started selling my own art at art shows and historical reenactments. I opened "The Spieldenner Gallery" as a virtual art gallery in 2007. The "brick and mortar" gallery opened in Pemberville in 2009 where I taught art, did commercial art and advertising design, and sold a variety of art from other artists as well as my own. I've been doing art and writing a book since then.

I still do the art shows and reenactments. I also do house painting and a variety of "handyman" services as supplemental income.

I'll try to keep the calendar up to date.

When I know it, so will you.

Brian Spieldenner


Brian working at the Snadusky County Fair


Brian taking a break


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